Meta-analytic Structural Equation Modeling

Recently, my book about meta-analytic structural equation modeling appearred in a Springer Briefs series about Synthesis Research Methods. You can find the author's version here.

The final publication is available at Springer via this link.

Below you find data and (updated) scripts that belong to this book.

Chapter 2 (Example of the use of the diagonal matrices in multigroup models on correlation matrices)

Chapter 4 (Example of the original GLS-approach)

Chapter 5 (Fitting a path model using TSSEM)

Chapter 6 (Fitting a factor model using TSSEM)

I would like to stress that the ownership of the data from Chapter 6 belongs to the primary authors. I put the file with the correlation matrices on my website for educational purposes. Any part of these data should not be used for other purpose than research or education, without prior written permission from Dr. Huiyong Fan.